Saturday 15 October 2016

Predictive Text

Predicative Text

Gill James 

A pot of builder's tea   

“Good. That will do for today, I think. Shall we make another appointment?” Sandy opened the calendar on her phone. 
Mrs Adams had been pottering about in the kitchen. The door was open into the dining area. She took her cue.
“What do you think, then Jon? One more before the holiday?”
Jon nodded.        
Mrs Adams turned to Sandy. “Is that all right with you?”
“What about Friday 22nd? Same time?”
Mrs Adams and Jon both nodded.
“Good. That’s a date then.” Sandy started typing. The predictive text did the usual trick. No matter. She was used to it. She knew what it meant. She couldn’t be bothered to change it.  

Two days later Sandy’s phone rang. There must be a problem with Jon’s lesson, she thought as the name of the caller appeared on her phone. “Hello, Mrs Beans, how can I help you?”
Sandy blushed as a flustered Mrs Adams muttered something about a wrong number.
And to think that it was Jon who had told her that the latest word for “cool” was “book”.      

About the author

Gill James writes for children, young adults and adults. She has recently retired from working as a lecturer at the university of Salford.  Follow her on her blog, Gill James Writer.          

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