Monday 31 October 2016

100 Worder Halloween Special An Alternative Halloween

An Alternative Halloween

by Janet Bunce

Drink: Witches' brew!

We gathered together for the 31st October.
No-one knew specifically why we did it.
Someone who had dusted off an old book said it was about the Day of the Dead.
But for us it was the time of life.
We had spent weeks, months , years in a catacomb- no-one actually knew.
This day we could stretch our arms, legs and faces.
We could walk on earth and reconnect with the world.
Sometimes scarily we heard the screams of the living.
We assumed they were harming each other but occasionally we realised from their faces we were wrong!

About the author

Janet has had several short stories published by Cafelit and very much enjoys writing. She particularly enjoys writing in the horror/sci-fi genre.

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