Thursday 12 May 2016

Flash: Play Fair

Flash: Play Fair

Stuart Page

Tomato Juice

Board game night. Five sit around a table with a stack of games on. First up: Cooperation in the Desert. “We won, no thanks to you.”
          “You what?”
Next comes Team Tower. “You’re gonna topple it, you’re gonna—”
            It falls. “You distracted me!”
After this, Moving in Circles Forever: Extended Edition. “Money, money, money,” the winner is singing. Someone flips the board and little pieces fly everywhere. The house dog eats a tiny metal car, gets a stomach ache.
         “Never again,” one person says.
         “See you again next week,” the others say.

About the Author
Stuart Page is an English and Creative Writing graduate from Salford University, currently living near Leeds. He has to write a piece of flash fiction every morning before 9am. If he doesn’t, his partner won't let him play Pokemon.

Published May 12 2016

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