Wednesday 25 May 2016

100 Worder: Buzz

100 Worder: Buzz

Polly Sinclair

Absinthe – a visit from the green fairy

There’s a buzz somewhere. Not that close, but definitely in here. Enough to be irritating, not enough to drive me from the comfort of the sofa yet.
            Could be the fridge. Although that’s more of a hum. The television? Does that weird nothing-noise when it’s on standby but not a buzz.
            The radiators sometimes sound odd. No. Not my phone… the doorbell malfunctioning? I don’t have one!
            There it is again. Closer now.
            A bee? Sounds bigger than that. I’m going to have to move and find it, aren’t I? 
            Where’s the newspaper? It’s getting louder.
            What on earth…?

About the Author
Polly is a busy lady with lots of jobs, a couple of children and a dog called Jelly! Usually a short story writer, she’s diversifying with really short stories and a novel just to mix it up!

Published May 25 2016

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