Monday 9 May 2016

100 Worder: A Wishing Well

100 Worder: A Wishing Well

Dawn Knox


The distant hills become one with the night, but at dawn, they emerge from the darkness, silhouetted against the watery light.
            I rise, take my water carrier and trek to the well.
            One hour later, I am home with my precious cargo.
            I set off again.
            Three more trips are needed before my family has sufficient water for one day.
            Four hours after rising, I set off for school where I will be scolded for tardiness.
            I hear that strangers plan to dig a well in my village.
            On my walk each morning, I selfishly pray for such a well.

About the Author
Dawn's first book 'Daffodil and the Thin Place' was published in 2014. She enjoys a writing challenge and has had stories published in various anthologies, including horror and speculative fiction, as well as romances in several women's magazines. Dawn has written a script for a play to commemorate World War One, which has been performed in her home town in Essex, in Germany and will be performed this year in France. Married with one son, she lives in Essex.

Published May 09 2016

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