Tuesday 17 May 2016

Flash: Push

Flash: Push

Jasmin L Jackson


'Push!' Paul shouted at his wife, 'You can do this!'
   Karen sat on the floor, back braced against the wall, pushing with all her might. Her face was flushed, her teeth gritted. She gave a violent shake of the head.
   'I can't, Paul, I just can't,' she gasped, sweat beaded upon her brow, 'I… I don't have the energy to push anymore.'
   'One more push, Karen! One more push! I swear that's all it'll take!'
   She threw back her head and let out an almighty roar. She was a tiger and she was gonna earn her stripes today. He was right. One more push and it would be over. She could do this. She gave one final push and cried out as her husband released her foot. It was over. It was finally over.
   Her foot was in the goddamn shoe.
   'And that, Karen,' Paul sighed, trying to catch his breath, 'Is why you don't order shoes online.'

About the Author
Jasmin L Jackson is a tea enthusiast who hails from the east of England. She spends her free time writing in coffee shops and swooning over fictional men.

Published May 17 2016

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