Monday 25 April 2016

100 Worder: Nothing Like Temptation

100 Worder: Nothing Like Temptation

Lisa Williams

Frothy Coffee

It is a truth universally acknowledged that after a certain age you can get more pleasure from a short trip round M&S foodhall than you can from your own husband. It’s just the way life is. No one’s fault.

Even if you don’t buy anything, the tantalising glimpses of ready meals, forbidden pleasures of prepared veg – God! And the never before contemplated joys of buying ready plated sandwiches for a buffet is enough to make you drool.

I buy him a pie. Steak & Kidney. Knowing he’ll get a lot more pleasure from that than I could ever provide now.

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Lisa Williams. Domestic slattern. Obsessive reader. Writes a bit.      

Published April 25 2016

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