Tuesday 26 April 2016

100 Worder: Sea Souls

100 Worder: Sea Souls

Helen Laycock


Like a giant palm, the wave capped my head and plunged me beneath its surface, intent on consuming me.
            I tumbled, salt- and sand-blinded.
            It churned and pummelled me until I was spent.
            The dappled light became my sky as I drifted down, relinquishing myself to the depths.
            Flashes of luminescence confirmed that I was passing – but, through barely-open eyes, I saw lanterns encircling me, caught flicks of rainbow shimmer. White faces lit with eyes of emerald and aqua loomed and retreated.
            A streak of energy fizzed through my body. I thrashed my tail and, as they disappeared, sped behind.

About the Author
Helen regularly enters writing competitions and has had around thirty wins/shortlistings for poetry and short stories. She has had work published in An Earthless Melting Pot, Vol. 2 (Quinn), the One Word Anthology by Talkback Writers (Alfie Dog Ltd), Songs of Angels (Thynks), Silver Lining by Poets Against Violence (Baer Books Press), the Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology (Blue Dragon Press), The Best of CafeLit 3 and 4 (Chapeltown) and A Quick Read (Aspen Press). She is a regular contributor of flash fiction to CafeLit and was featured in Issues 14 and 19 of Jotters United.

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Published April 26 2016

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