Wednesday 27 April 2016

100 Worder: Performance

100 Worder: Performance

Roger Noons

A glass of Rosé

 I watched it from inside

The unwanted McDonalds remains surely contained; a beacon, for within seconds of being casually dropped on the crossing, the scavengers homed in.
            A black-backed gull strutted from stage right: a rook catapulted in from the left and two magpies occupied centre stage. Undirected, seemingly unrehearsed, devoid of floodlights, watched by a select audience confined within a blue four by four Kia, the improvised black and white ballet unfolded.
            Accompanied by kyows, chak-chaks and kaws, monogrammed  paper was shredded, morsels of food tossed, juggled, grabbed and devoured until, the stage bare, the performers exited as if wired in audition for pantomime.

About the Author
Roger Noons is a regular contributor to CafeLit, wowing us with many 100 worders and some longer ones – and you can also read his stories in our Best of CafeLit series.

Published April 27 2016

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