Friday 29 April 2016

100 Worder: Cider and Chalk

100 Worder: Cider and Chalk

James Phillips

A glass of apple juice

It is hot walking up the hill, even in the shade.

The still air is thick with the scent of wild garlic.

We came here as kids.

‘Stay away from the chalk pit!’

Your mum.


The top is surrounded by gorse.

A barrier or a deterrent.

You emerge from trees into the sun.

Under your backpack, sweat runs.

You pass incurious sheep and over the style.

Once you wouldn’t have touched the sides.

Not any more.

You smile; open a bottle.

The gorse is long gone; there is a fence.

A barrier and a deterrent.

Cider arcs and falls.

About the Author
James P M Phillips is a writer, musician and live music promoter from North Wales. He blogs about all three of these activities at

Published April 29 2016

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