Thursday 22 June 2023

Why I want to buy a motorcycle by Penny Rogers, builders’ tea (strong tea with a dash of milk and two teaspoons of sugar)


Why I want to buy a motorcycle…

Penny Rogers, builders’ tea (strong tea with a dash of milk and two teaspoons of sugar)


1. Always loved bikes. My dad bought me an old Brough Superior when I was 17. Wish I still had it, worth a fortune today.
2.     I could go anywhere I like! In the loft I’ve got my old leathers and all the gear packed away.
3.     It would be something to do. I miss Steph so much.
4.     I’d join a club, make new friends.
5.     Shock my stuffy daughter-in-law.
6.     Take my mind off things, enjoy life again.
7.     Annoy that miserable bloke opposite.
8.     TREAT MYSELF! Put in an order for a top of the range BMW road tourer.                     

…but on the other hand

1.     Costs a fortune just to heat the bungalow
2.     Road tax, insurance, maintenance and so on will cost a lot of £s.
3.     Don’t want to go anywhere without Steph.
4.     I don’t want new friends. These days I don’t see the ones I’ve got.
5.     Daughter-in-law always takes me shopping on Thursdays and treats me to a pub lunch.
6.     A bike won’t make me young again.
7.     Or bring Steph back.
8.     The miserable bloke opposite gave me a rose when Steph died. It’s called Stephanie d’Ursel.
9.     I couldn’t go out all day and leave the dogs.
10.  The leathers in the loft won’t fit me anymore, and the gear’s all out of date.
11.  The roads are bloody dangerous these days.

12. Is it too late to CANCEL THE ORDER?

About the author 

 Penny Rogers writes mostly short stories, flash fiction and poetry. She has been published in print and online and had some success in literary competitions. She is a member of the management team for SOUTH poetry magazine and facilitates a very informal writing group in her home town.

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