Thursday 8 June 2023

Memory Lane by Leonie Jarrett, a cup of English breakfast tea

Annie was sitting quietly in her nightie in her favourite, green velvet recliner when her husband, Bill, walked in.


“Annie my girl. It’s boiling today. Hot as a fried egg sizzling on the pan. What do you feel like doing?”


Annie stared out the window and didn’t answer.


“Well, you’re not very talkative today gorgie girl. I think we’ll go for a walk by the lake. We’ll find a shady spot.


"How about you wear that pink sundress with the flowers on it? You look as pretty as a peony in that dress. Pretty as a whole bunch of peonies in fact! They’re in season now. I’ll buy a bunch for you tomorrow.


"I’ll get that dress out for you. And I’ll pack a cool drink and something to eat and a sun hat. Do you want anything else?”


Annie smiled gently.


“Come on. Let’s go,” chirped Bill.


Later, sitting on a bench beside the lake, Bill’s eyes were dewy as he looked at Annie.


“You know our wedding anniversary is coming up Annie. 50 years. Bet you’re glad I chased you all those years ago, hey?” Bill winked at Annie.


“Goodness, I chased you for years. Right from when we were in primary school together and you wore your hair with a fringe and pig tails. Who knew then that we’d still be together all these years later? And so happy too.”


Annie silently smiled at Bill.


“You remember don’t you honey? When we were at high school, I used to jump in front of you at the train station. I’d tell you a joke and try and impress you in front of your friends. Not sure that was my smartest move. Those girls didn’t like me much.” Bill laughed at the memory.


Annie smiled again.


"That was a long time ago wasn’t it Princess? Almost seems another life ago…Well, I guess it was really. Before we were married…before the kids. Still love you gorgeous. You’re still as beautiful, sweet and pure as the kisses of our grandbabies.”


Bill and Annie sat in silence for a while longer.


“Well Annie my girl. I guess we best be getting back. Don’t want the sun to spoil your peaches and cream face! You always tell me that you need to be careful of your face; that you’re getting too many freckles. Never understood that. I’ve always loved your freckles. They’re like sprinkled stardust. Magical fairy dust.”


Home again, Annie was again sitting quietly in her favourite, green velvet recliner and Bill was reading the newspaper.


A lady walked in. “Hello Annie. Hello Bill. Did you have a nice outing? How was she today Bill?”


“Same as always Nurse. Didn’t say too much but happy.”


“Good. Time to go home Bill. It’s the residents’ dinner time.”


“OK. Night night sweetheart,” said Bill to Annie, gently kissing her on the forehead. “I’ll be back tomorrow. And I’ll bring you those peonies. Sleep tight lovely.”


About the author 

Leonie Jarrett lives in Melbourne, Australia with her Husband of 3 decades, her 4 adult children and her two  Golden Retrievers. Leonie has variously been a lawyer and a business owner. Now that she is semi-retired, Leonie is loving writing some fiction and non-fiction. 


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