Saturday 3 December 2022

Saturday Sample: Evergreen




For this year’s anthology we asked writers to consider the theme “evergreen”. Naturally that makes us think of the Christmas tree. There are indeed some stories that feature that wonderful entity. They all include a deeper understanding of what it means to be evergreen or even ever green.

We choose the stories anonymously. As we select, we have no idea who has written what. It’s always exciting putting the names to the texts.

All of what we read was of publishable quality so it was very difficult to have to reject some stories. Therefore  if your story hasn’t been selected, don’t be disheartened.

Again we are pleased to welcome several writers we have published previously and as well as some newcomers to our imprint.

Some of the stories have a Christmas theme, others tell about what is lasting and some deal with nature. Everything green is very important to all of us right now.

It is always a privilege to work with such talented writers. We hope you will enjoy this year’s selection.


Sally Angell, Sheena Billett, Margaret  Bulleyment, Maxione Churchman, Elizabeth Cox, Jeanne Davies, Malina Douglas, Jo Fino, Linda Flynn, Russell Heidorn, Enna Horn, Clair Humphries, Sheelagh Mooney, Jan Moran Neil, Tony Oswick, Jenny Palmer, Hannah Retallick,  Chris Simpson, Jane Spirit, Dianne Stadhams,  Allison Symes, James Ward, Anne Wilson, Georgina Wright


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