Monday 26 December 2022

Janus’ Dilemma by Dawn Knox, a stiff whisky

 I detest New Year.

Such a hazardous time. It’s most disconcerting to be able to look in front and behind simultaneously. People want to know what you can see. But no one’s interested in what I’m viewing as I peer backwards into the year just gone. They know what happened. No, they all want to hear about the future.

A Roman god can easily fall out of favour especially the bearer of bad news. I usually nod wisely and make rueful sounds whilst smiling enigmatically.

Let them interpret that as they wish!

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 Dawn’s three previous books in the ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and 'The Crispin Chronicles' published by Chapeltown Publishing. 
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