Wednesday 20 January 2021

To Share is to Care


by Amrita Valan

black  coffee


After thirty days of ritual dinners together Eva was getting bolder by the day, and more reckless. She could see that she was getting the desired results of her ample ministration in her husband’s face, his gait and mannerisms. She upped the dosage. Even lit perfumed candles to please him, perhaps he would succumb to her deepest desire today? Across the table her stately husband gazed at her with an intensity and she was sure, it wasn’t just his ardent admiration of her tender love and care.

Perhaps…she wondered once again, but her thoughts were cut short as her husband smiled at her with devoted puppy dog eyes.

Eva felt her sweat plop onto his arsenic laced soup, a daily ritual but today he asked her, " Let's share it together from the same bowl honey.”


About the author

Amrita Valan is a writer from India and is passionate about exploring life, both dark and sunny side up. If she didn't write she would have wanted to be sent on secret missions involving travel. She had been published in Spillwords, ImpSpire and Cafe Dissensus among other zines. 

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