Thursday 21 January 2021



by Amanda Jones

a Shine Nootropic Drink


They are ignorant, just ignore them.

The response to any difficulty.

To a bully, or bullies. Even pain, health.

Unfortunately no help to a child. A cry of desperation from a loving Mum who was herself isolated and bullied.

There is no blame. It is very difficult to understand unless you were there. The other true guidance Mum felt so much was forgiveness. Is this ‘To forgive and forget?’


Forgiveness only comes after healing. Finding peace. Then, it is more complicated. Do I forgive those who are most cruel? Is blame taken away from acts of evil?


The bigger picture is seen and suddenly those two words, ignorance and forgiveness, mutually affect. My response as a child was that ignorance meant you didn’t know.

What it really is, is unawareness. A decision wrongly made. We all choose. Only a child cannot through innocence. As a child we are truly unaware. Adulthood brings pathways and awakening. But some do not stop sleeping.

We see success.

As ego leads us to compare, success in others overwhelms our sensitivity and envy kicks in. Their success is our failure. Our failure denotes unfairness. Where does this originate? Attention-driven satisfaction in the shallowness of ego. Strive deeper, don’t judge, don’t compare. Be happy for them through love. Then you will find peace and love yourself.

Ego is not self-love. The awareness of the light within brings true life and the road to forgiveness.

Mum didn’t forgive an evil act. She forgave the person. Guilt and blame grab tightly around the victim even though there is none. It is this we forgive. Wrong choices forgiven. Innocence resurrected and the pure love of spirit heals to peace.

True light brings a child-like happiness where spirit is followed.

Life is accepted and you can shine now.


About the author 

 Amanda has been writing since childhood and along with short stories she writes her Missy Dog charity series, poetry, non-fiction and horror. You can find her here:





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