Sunday 29 November 2020



by Amy B Moreno

 coffee and honey

“To start, the chef’s vegetable soup, and the mini quiche, please.”

  “Yes, madam.”

“Then salmon en cro
ûte, plus the leg of lamb, with buttered new potatoes on the side.”

  “Very good.”

“To finish – the flan, and churros con chocolate.”

 The waited folder the leather-bound menu; heavy and important-looking.

  “And when will your guest be joining you?”

“No, no. Just a table for one,” she said, rubbing her belly. “But thoroughly enjoying eating for two.”

About the author 

Amy B. Moreno writes poetry and prose for adults and children. She writes in English, Scots, and Spanish, including multilingual pieces. She has recently been published by MsLexia (Little Ms), Secret Attic, The Common Breath, The London Reader, The Scottish Book Trust, and The Ogilvie Literary Review.
Twitter: @Amy_B_Moreno

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