Friday 13 November 2020

An Easy Mistake to Make


by Wendy Pike 



A good friend of ours whos sociable and fun but also a bit of a ditz,

Faced the embarrassment of a medical examination of his nether bits.

At the appointment he lay on a hospital couch, fretful, full of trepidation.

A place designed strictly for egress not ingress was under investigation.

The doctor clearly instructed squeeze my index finger, hard as you can

Firmly gripping her nearest digit, he did so, being such an obliging man.

Good Job, she said.  But lets try it again - this time use my other forefinger!

Shed meant the gloved one lodged where fingers ordinarily oughtnt to linger.

About the author 

Wendy writes copy, newsletters and press releases in her day job and explores her interest in reading and writing creative non fiction in her spare time. A few of her life writing stories and a couple of poems have previously been published by CafeLit.


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