Tuesday 11 August 2020

Mantra of her Life

By Roxy Bennett Thomas

ginger beer

Don’t feel, tame anxiety with rituals
Don’t talk, family secrets
Eat cookies, read a book
Adults in the real world are weird, characters in books make sense
The mantra of her childhood

Don’t feel, therapeutic boundaries, vicarious trauma
Don’t talk, confidentiality
Drink coffee, have a donut
People can be evil, monsters in books are safer
The mantra of her therapist training

Don’t feel, embrace the wellness program
Don’t talk, never bring up organizational problems
Drink the corporate Kool-Aid
Real whistleblowers never get promoted, they are heroes in books
The mantra of her administrators guidebook

Feel everything
Talk about what you want
Drink wine on the beach
Books are still amazing, but don’t replace family and friends
The mantra of retirement will be different

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