Sunday 2 August 2020

Alpaca Crackers

by Wendy Pike 

a glass of carrot juice

The hotel’s micro herd of friendly alpacas made quite an impression

At our first outdoor, socially-distanced community writers’ session.

Inquisitive and cheeky, they sauntered up to the fence in greeting,

Unfazed, watching us watching them, chewing grass, still eating.

Chianti is a black beauty and her sweet little daughter Lucy is too.

Lucy’s white headband sets her apart from the rest of the crew.

The tall white one is Twix and she’s mum to tiny brown Twiggy.

Not sure of the fifth alpaca’s name but I’ll find out - no biggie.

Their antics and teddy-bear-cuteness had us totally enchanted. 

We desperately wanted to stroke them but refrained due to Covid. 

Using phones we took snaps aplenty of the pack of posing alpacas,

And invited them to join as honorary group members, how crackers!

The artists amongst us planned to create paintings of them laters.

Dreaming of luxury yarn from fleeces, the knitters and crocheters.

We all loved their hairdos but gardeners had something else in mind

Being more interested in shiny, jet gemstones alpacas leave behind.

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