Tuesday 28 April 2020


by PritiJ

sparkling water

"Go to an Art-Gallery," they said. "Be less of a philistine," they said:

So, armed with ample of time and a bit of trepidation, I went, to educate myself, avoiding the major galleries, 'Start at the bottom,' well thought.

Among the various oddities on display there, I saw, was this installation - Power drills hanging upon a nylon clothesline, captioned - 'Machine Wash'.... It was so bad, it was good; and while I do hope the artist has a day job, I fervently hope he does not get ideas for 'Hand Wash'...

Hannibal Lecter would be pleased, on second thoughts.

A hasty retreat was in order, and I agree I returned the richer for experience: Must visit better galleries...

About the author

PritiJ has lived a life across cultures. She is an outspoken representative of her gender; still unsure whether she represents liberation, or equity, and finds humour, and inspiration for her poetry, in odd places. 


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