Monday 6 April 2020

Who is at risk?

by Colin Payn 

sports drink 

It was Sainsbury’s Happy Hour. A time slot for the pensioners and care workers to enjoy exclusive access to the depleted shelves of a nation under corona virus curfew. A time to wave to friends from two metres away, if you recognise them in their makeshift masks. Was that a vintage B&Q dust filter? Or an up to the minute Screwfix model?
A genuine NHS issue indicates a hero from the front line, whilst a knitted scarf, however colourful, really won’t hack it.
Plastic gloves, plastic bags wrapped over trolley handles, shoppers being careful. But till operators? No masks.  Why?

 About the author  

Colin a friend of regular contributor Dawn Knox. In place of the monthly meeting of their writing group they have  decided to have a virtual meeting on Skype.

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