Wednesday 8 April 2020

Newly Weds

Newly Weds

by Roger Noons

a glass of well-chilled San Miguel

‘Denis, you are a shit, you’ve been staring at that girl all morning.’
    ‘How would you know? You were out shopping for over an hour. Brought any cash back?’
    ‘I only spent a couple of hundred.’
    ‘As we’re approaching parity with the euro, two hundred quid’s a fair whack. At least my entertainment was free.’
    ‘She’s very sexy and she knows it. All the blokes have had an eye on her. She knows that and enjoys it. She also knows that none of us will do anything more than look.’
    Vicky mouthed bastard once again.
    ‘You see the guy with the pigtail and the tattoos across his shoulders?’
    ‘Is she with him?’
    Denis nodded. ‘He’s her minder and there’s not a man around this pool who’d want to upset him.’
    She sulked. ‘There’s no need to keep ogling her … after all, we are on our honeymoon.’
    ‘Yes, and we’re also in our fifties, been married before … you three times … so I think it’s more of a holiday, don’t you? You did say on our wedding day that you had little interest in the … physical side, was I think the phrase you used.’ He took a deep sigh, watched the brunette in the black, one-piece catwalk towards the bar.
    ‘Well, I’ve changed my mind,’ she pouted. ‘Can we go upstairs please?’
    Denis stood. After one last look at the model, he turned to follow.
    ‘Please bring those bags,’ she directed, as she set off towards the building. 

About the author 

Roger Noons has been writing poetry and prose since 2006. His speciality is short fiction, but also writes plays and film scripts. Hid book, Slimline Tales was published by Chapeltown Books in 2018.

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