Saturday 7 January 2017


Stuart Page

espresso macchiato

Adam squeezes an orange torch with his hands. It whirrs, like a tiny, quiet chainsaw. “What’s this for, Daddy?” he asks. 
"It’s for when the power goes out," Daddy says.
 “And it doesn’t need batteries?” 
It doesn’t. 
“Why did you buy a toolkit? You’re not a builder.” 
I might build something. 
“Like a treehouse?” 
Probably not. 
“You’ve got lots of tinned food. I don’t want that stuff. Are you going to eat it?” 
Some of it. 
“Can I hammer too? I’m a really good builder.” 
Sorry, no. 
“I can’t see outside anymore, Daddy. Why are we blocking the windows?”

About the author 

Stuart Page is a part time waiter and a full time writer. He's got a new blog where he posts comedy pieces and shares some of his short stories. You should visit.

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