Thursday 19 January 2017



Oliver Charlton


                              a delicate tea in a fancy cup


“Jones! Jones! I got a bone to pick with you.”

Larry Jones was unperturbed by the tone at which his friend was shouting at him across the very public tea shop. He merely placed the porcelain cup neatly on the saucer, and straightened his jacket and he sat up.

“Ah, so good of you to join me on my lunch break. What can I do for you? How’s the design-temp working out?”

“Well” said the man, taking a seat “that is exactly why I have come to find you on your lunchbreak Jones.”
“Oh, you did hire Ms. Boggart in the end, then?”

“Yes, mostly upon your recommendation. Sight unseen, I might add. You made such a fuss that you’ve used her so often over the years, and you yourself being so meticulous. Raving endlessly that no matter the task, no matter how wild the need, she has always met your famously high expectations.”

Larry Jones nodded in response. “Indeed I did my friend, she’s only ever been exemplary in any capacity I’ve hired her in. Always met my expectations.”

“So you say” continued the other man, shifting his weight in his seat “So I too, naturally, trusted in high expectations.”

“As I said you should” re-affirmed Larry.

“So you say, Jones, so you say. But I started to have doubts as soon  as she walked through the door. She really didn’t look like your standard suit designer. All alternative and dumpy. With weird necklaces with all these wooden charms on.”

“Oh really?”

“Her voice put me off too” continued the man “very nasal, really weird accent. Not professional at all.”

“Was that all that put you off her?”

“No, actually, as soon as she came in she started telling me she’d been in the business for six centuries, I wasn’t even sure what to think anymore. She barely picked up a pencil all day in the end. An utter waste of space. So really, I have no idea what you recommended her for Jones.”

Larry Jones raised his cup to his mouth and finished the last dregs in one gulp. “I don’t know what to tell you, pal. She’s a real interesting creature, that Ms. Boggart. She always meets expectations.”

About the Author

This is Oliver’s second submission to café lit, and he promises the next one won’t be set in any sort of hot drinks shop.
He is also currently writing for a fake radio show on Youtube. It’s about a radio host, a radio show and a dust cloud

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