Tuesday 22 July 2014

100 Worder Butterfly

100 Worder


Angela Haffenden

Pink Lemonade

You see me flutter by, elegance and vulnerability. My fleeting time on earth marred with transformation no human could endure. When you see me, remember I’m a symbol of faith, my short time on this earth is not wasted. My humble beginnings aren’t much different from yours. I take many forms until I finally reach my ultimate goal. Fluttering past, I’m on a journey, touching those who see me briefly with beauty. No life is insignificant, no matter how small. I am happy. I am Psyche, on my journey to an eternity with Eros. Not just a creature, a soul.

About the Author

Angela Haffenden is a mother of four children. She is also responsible for a husband, a dog and an ageing father. She writes mainly to stay sane. She lives by the sea and writes in a cabin in the garden.

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