Tuesday 15 July 2014

100 Worder I Just Met A Girl Named Maria

100 Worder

I Just Met A Girl Named Maria

Rich Spalding
Gin and Tonic in a water bottle

At 8:59 am, Maria put a friendly bullet in her brain.
It pierced a neat hole in her skull; taking with it the rare smile she’d thrown at a stranger ten days earlier, as the train rattled in to Euston.
It burrowed on, through soft, yielding tissue, taking the memory of each of her sisters, and the kiss on the corner of Park Street, in the dancing sparks of rain.
It took with it seven years of loneliness.
The bullet burst from the back of her head, and flew on, all that was Maria clinging to it for dear life.

About the Author
Rich Spalding is only eight years old. He's just incredibly talented. You can read the work of this boy genius at www.richjspalding.blogspot.co.uk

Editor’s Note: Someone might not be revealing their true age? I will leave this for you to ponder

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  1. A clever little story which I don't for a second believe was written by a child, self-styled genius or not.