Thursday 30 January 2014

100 Worder The Pick-up Truck

100 Worder

Janet Bunce

The Pick-up Truck

Gin with a twist

Gin sits in the deserted park imagining a thrilling night ahead. The tedium replaced by the excitement of time together with Darryl. With his caring manner, he’s the man for her.
            Light fades as Gin leaves, splashing through puddles to her car. Opening a rusty door she moves into the drivers’ seat, attempting to start the engine.
            She spies a card with a familiar number and message ‘We provide twenty-four hour assistance.’
            Within minutes a vehicle arrives.
            ‘Hello Gin,’ says the driver. ‘Dr Darryl and medication await you.’


About the Author
Janet Bunce lives in Epping Forest with her husband and is a Director in Financial Services. She hopes to find more time for writing in 2014.

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