Wednesday 15 January 2014

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100 Worder

Helen Laycock


Black Russian

The full moon made a bright hole in the black sky as Laura stepped out, bare-footed.
            ‘Jasper,’ she called softly, her feet flattening the cool grass as she trod.
            Where was that cat?
            Laura stopped.
            The muted miaow had come from inside the weeping willow which, in the darkness, stood hunched and caped in the centre of the lawn.
            She fed her hand through the rattling curtain and parted it, clutching her belly, still aching with six years’ loss. A child, luminous and eerie with translucence, hollow-eyed, with flint-sharp cheekbones, sat cross-legged, cradling the black cat – Richard’s idea of compensation.

About the Author
Helen Laycock has written two contrasting collections of short stories: Peace and Disquiet  and Light Bites and she is working towards compiling three more. She also has work included in: One Word Anthology
One of her stories recently reached the shortlist of the final three at The Ryedale Book Festival and she has enjoyed success in many other writing competitions, both for short stories and poetry. Helen also writes children’s fiction and has completed eight mystery/adventure books for 7 – 12-year olds. These and books of humorous poetry for both adults and children can be found on her Author Page. Helen Laycock has had several pieces featured on CafeLit.
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