Tuesday 14 January 2014

100 Worder The Eternal Skier

100 Worder

Janet Bunce

The Eternal Skier

Single spirit on ice.

There was sense of peace in the village. Those who travelled to ski were in accommodation asleep. Locals at home waking. A faint humming could be heard as the piste bashers start their daily ritual.
It’s dark but eerily clear as Paolo approaches the lift he operates hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun rising above the mountains. Instead he spots someone hurtling down the icy slopes at tremendous speed.
 Paolo gasps unable to comprehend what he thinks he sees.
            He looks again and crosses himself as the faceless skier who haunts the slopes evaporates in the breaking dawn.

About the Author

Janet Bunce lives in Epping Forest with her husband and is a Director in Financial Services. She hopes to find more time for writing in 2014.

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