Wednesday 20 April 2011

My Special Earl Grey

by Susan Jones

He’s not tall dark and handsome, more medium grey and gorgeous. He lives in Millions Castle overlooking the Penerhalo Bay in a country called Bizorello, well known for its beauty and splendour. He discovered Bizorello when he was a young astronaut on an everyday moon voyage. Unfortunately for his family, but fortunate for me, he was catapulted onto one of the silk sandy beaches of Ancient Bizorello.

On discovering the redundant castle, Demetrio took residence, and the villagers rallied round to help him create a magnificent flower garden. There had long been a notion among Bizorellians that a saviour would come from afar, which summed up the ungainly arrival of Demetrio.

I had dreamed all my life of my romantic Earl who would be the perfect Gentleman; one who knew how to treat his lady. As a rippling breeze lifted the scent from the wonderful hollyhocks and roses that had been planted all those years ago, now maturing in serendipity, Demetrio sliced lemon into tall glass cups. Then me and my special Early Grey drank to his everlasting rule (but only in his gentle way) over Bizorello.

Relaxing back in the afternoon warmth and humidity there was no need for words. Just the flavour of the drink, and the twinkle in Demetrio’s eyes was enough.

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