Tuesday 12 April 2011

Wolf's Rain

by Sam Davis

Double Espresso

Out of the eternal darkness shone the light.

Out of the eternal darkness the sorrowful rain fell.

For most, the rain burned the skin, for the wolves it gave them power.

The pitiful humans receded into the shadows and devolved to apes.

However the wolves’ power, enriched by the radiant moon, grew until they took on a human form. This would come to be known as the Wolf’s Rain.

Ever since the rain fell I felt strange, incomplete, longing to howl at the heavens just to find a place to belong. My eyes represent my split being. My left eye, red in colour, perceives the world as it is in an ambient light. My right eye, yellow in colour, pierces the souls of any who dare gaze at it; only able to dwell on the torn memories of my shattered past.

I sat in the bar pondering my purpose in this world. I closed my eyes and listened to the banter, the sadness , the joy and slurred conversations around me. I couldn’t help but bare my teeth and growl. I hated them all; the people, the noise, the stench. All of them had a place in this world unwanted or not, but not me. What am I? Why not me?

“WHY NOT ME?” I howled to the sky.

Judgemental eyes turned to me; I glared back with my right eye.

Immediately disheartening those at the bar,they turned away in fear. I downed the last of my drink and stumbled out into the calm daunting night. A cold eeriness climbed my spine.

Something was wrong; horribly wrong.

Author Bio:

Sam Davis is a pupil at St. Gerards School in Bangor, North Wales. He is 14 years old and reads lots of books. Sam writes short stories and poems- when he can find the time of course!

A special word from the editor- Sam was one of the pupils who took part on a PAWS workshop (Publishing & Writing Animal Workshop Scheme) with Paws n Claws Publishing in which the children were asked to write a story about a wild animal- it's part of a project supported by the Born Free Foundation. Highly impressed with the standard of this short piece, Sam was asked if he would like to have it published online for CafeLit. I hope you all appreciate the skill in the writing for a writer so young. Perhaps this might also encourage other young talented writers to submit.

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