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Sunday Serial: 240 x 70, 1. Suited, by Gill James, cold coffee,



This collection is a collection of seventy stories, each 240 words. They were inspired by the first picture seen on my Twitter feed on a given day. 

1.    Suited 3 April 2017

If he just carried on sitting there and grinning it would be all right, wouldn’t it? They would think he was fine, wouldn’t they?  They would assume he’d understood everything, right? He would just purse his lips and nod agreement.

Roberto Alexandro, the current vice-chairman had a thick accent. He spoke very softly, though, and it always made Thomas want to go to sleep.  

He nodded gently and closed his eyes. He wondered whether he looked important enough in his petrol blue suit, with matching polka dot tie and paler shirt. Sure, he looked smart.     

He didn’t like wearing suits. He always felt cramped. Thank goodness the office had the policy that you could dress casually if you weren't customer-facing. The tie was strangling him. He loosened it a little. 

Something changed in the speaker's tone.  He sat up and started listening. They would be replacing the chairman the next day. There had been a vote of no confidence

There was a general murmuring.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Alexandro, "I know this has come as a shock to you, but if I could have your attention. We shall vote tomorrow.  For the next twenty-four hours I will take over the duties of the chair."     

“Why wait?” a voice said. “Thomas is here. Won’t he do?”

Thomas went hot and the cold.  He could hear his heartbeat thudding in his ears. Why would they want him? 

There was massive assent. He opened his eyes and found he was not the only one grinning. New chairman, eh? Fancy that.

There was one problem, though.  He would now have to wear his suit to the office every day.

He straightened up his tie.  

 About the author

Gill James is published by The Red Telephone, Butterfly and Chapeltown. She edits CafeLit and 
writes for the online community news magazine: Talking About My Generation. She is a Lecturer in
Creative Writing and has an MA in Writing for Children and PhD in Creative and Critical Writing.



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