Monday 8 January 2024

Something In The Mail by Kiyasu Oka, matcha latte with honey

 As I went to my mailbox for a happy surprise, taking out envelopes of warm white with freshly postmarked stamps in my hand, I thought about how today—like any other day—is gonna be my happy day.


            But then I received this piece of nothing as I opened my supposed-to-be-filled variety joy basket. Many bits of white envelopes tucked in, though.


            Opening each one and reading the nothing, I thought, 'Man, that sure is nuthin'!' These blank nothings were all there was in the mail.


            But with professionally printed card stock, that sure is the finest nothing to have ever existed.


NOTE: This is a story about nothing.  Remember to commemorate National Nothing Day, folks!

About the author 

 Kiyasu Oka is a professional psychic investigator and advisor from Taiwan who is also an illustrator and designer. She offers various services for illustration, proofreading, editing, computer games, and more. Check out her Web site at and her shop at Her Fiverr profile is 
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