Monday 7 November 2022

Sadly Inevitable by Dawn Knox, a tin of fizzy drink, shaken and stirred.


The pixie crept away from his hiding place. He’d been eavesdropping on the elves’ secret meeting, but he’d heard enough. His head was spinning.

So, the elves were self-mobilising.

Apparently, fairies had been arriving in the garden in large numbers and the elves wanted to stop it and ensure no more arrived. Neither did they want more goblins who they considered a threat to the peace of the garden. Pixie numbers had remained relatively stable, so they weren’t assumed a threat. Yet.

The elves had drawn up plans to expel fairies, goblins and, if necessary, pixies to maintain their majority.

However, they’d no idea their scheming had been overheard. And now this pixie knew, he wasn’t going to stand by and allow elves to take over the garden. He’d form a Pixie Party to look after pixie interests.

Of course, as soon as the fairies found out, they’d do the same. And so would the goblins.

Then heaven help them all. Fairies were crafty, and goblins were ruthless.

There were troubled times ahead. Pixies were peaceful. They didn’t seek strife. But, if there was going to be an ‘Us and Them’ attitude, then there’d have to be a Pixie Us.

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 Dawn’s three previous books in the ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and 'The Crispin Chronicles' published by Chapeltown Publishing. 
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