Tuesday 8 November 2022

Message by John Sheirer, spiked chamomile

 Samantha’s husband Clark was a sleeptalker, sometimes asking after midnight, “Why is the sun bright?” or “White wine or red for insurrections?” Strange but charming. Then Clark discovered texting, and nighttime turned oddly ominous. When absorbed in another mystery novel and chamomile tea downstairs, Samantha’s phone might chime with a message from her sleeping husband. “Worried about stuff” was a repeated warning that Clark couldn’t explain the next day. “Lock door their coming” alarmed Samantha beyond the painful grammar. “I’m seriously” was Clark’s final message. That was the night they learned that their deadbolt wasn’t as strong as they’d thought.

About the author 

 John Sheirer lives in Western Massachusetts, USA, and is in his 30th year of teaching at Asnuntuck Community College in Northern Connecticut. His most recent book "Stumbling Through Adulthood: Linked Stories," has won several awards. Find him at JohnSheirer.com
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