Saturday 10 July 2021


 by Arthur Gardiner

a double espresso, in a porcelain cup, not a paper, cup

'No, William. Eight plus seven is not ten. Does anyone know how much is eight plus seven?'

A forest of eager little hands itched to win her approval.


'Yes, Miss Roberts?'

'How much is eight plus seven.'

'Is it twelve, miss?'

'No, Evelyn. No it is not twelve. Do not guess, girl

'Yes, miss.'

Evelyn did not lower her hand.

'Evelyn, you've answered the question. You were incorrect, so now it is the turn of someone else.'

The hand remained in the air.

'Evelyn, please lower your hand.'

'But miss... please, miss, can I go pee, miss?'

About the author

Arthur Gardiner fled Africa to Canada from the chaos of civil war. After being a migrant mine-worker, he retired, living in Calgary with one wife and a dog. He started his writing career late, contributing children's flash fiction to the local rag. He has published a few short stories. 

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