Saturday 12 June 2021

Tap Thrice and Enter


by Amrita Valan

Bloody Mary


She waited in the honeymoon suite for his discreet knock on the door, which meant he had

seen off the last of their guests.

The quiet tap! Tap! Tap! Rose in a crescendo as she opened the door, blushing. The hallway

was empty, as she peered outside, a cold draft tickled her spine. Her groom was standing, or

rather hovering on the window ledge, about to step in. Was he wearing lipstick? Her heart

crumpled like a dead animal as he leapt lightly in, wiping off crimson drool dribbling

down his chin.

“Alone at last!”, white fangs glittering he snarled.

About the author 

Amrita Valan is a writer from India and is passionate about exploring life, both dark and sunny side up. If she didn't write she would have wanted to be sent on secret missions involving travel. She had been published in Spillwords, ImpSpire and Cafe Dissensus among other zines.

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