Saturday 5 June 2021



by Carmen D Baez

Bacardi Limon Chilled and Neat


            Laura was nervous as she fidgeted with the zipper on her suitcase. She’d be spending the weekend in the seedy no-tell-motel where she and Luke had spent their honeymoon. Of course, she was eager to please him back then. She thought he’d make her dreams come true.


            “You ready babe?” asked Luke, startling her.


            “Don’t sneak up me like that!”


            “I am sorry baby; I didn’t mean to scare you.”


            “You are always sneaking up on me, its creepy!”


Luke had habit of skulking around corners and popping up on her. She hadn’t had any real privacy since getting married. He’d even come home on his lunch break expecting her to be there. He was obsessed with her.


            “Do you need any help?”


            “I can’t get the stupid suitcase to close. I need a new one.”


            “Let me give a try,” he said pressing down on the suitcase and zipping it with ease.


            “You see, easy-peasy,” he said grabbing the suitcase and taking it to the car.


            “Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes, you’re so corny.”


            Laura strolled through quaint little  home contemplating all the changes she’d make when she returned. Her husband had provided her with a comfortable life,  but she deserved more.  When she’d agreed to elope with him three years ago, she didn’t want him to think she was a gold-digger, so she paid for their not-so-romantic honeymoon at this seedy motel. Of course, that was before she knew he was still supporting an ex-wife and three children who lived in a mansion. She was tired of suffering for his past mistakes. He’d promised her the world and she was going to get  it, one way or another. 


            “When I return you will be all mine,” she said as she walked out the door.




            Luke did not know what to do to make his wife happy. She had been quiet the entire car ride to the hotel, except for yelling at him when he tried  to hold her hand.  It was a nice little place a block from the beach. He was happy when she’d agreed to this “reconciliation weekend.” They were happy here once and he believed they could be happy there again. But, when he tried re-enacting the threshold ritual, she yelled at him not to touch her.


            “Why did you bother to come?” he asked closing the hotel room door behind him. “This is supposed to be our reconciliation weekend. Here we will decide to stay together.”


            “Stop whining will you!” she said. I can’t take it.”


            “Why are you so angry with me? What do you want from me?”


            “I want what you promised Luke! You promised me a fairytale and I want it! You’ve trapped me  in  a suburban nightmare.”


            “I work hard all day to provide you with everything I possibly give you. You don’t have to   work…cook…clean, and when I get home, you treat me like crap!  What more do you want from me woman?”


            “You give me everything?  Huh! I can’t even get a decent vacation. Look at this place. It’s a 70s’ throwback, complete with the orange shag carpeting and thread bare striped sheets.”


            “You were happy here three years ago,” said Luke, “when you promised to love me forever.”


            “Well, I didn’t know you very well back then. I need a drink,” she said as she retrieved a large       bottle of Bacardi Limon and two yellow tinted lowball glasses from her suitcase.


            “You want some?” she asked filling a cup and handing it to him. “It’s nice and cold.”


            “Thank you” he said accepting the cup. “What can I do to make things better?”


            “Drink up,” she said, opening the door to the micro-patio, overgrown with weeds and a cheap      dinette set.


            “Tell me babe, what can I do?”


            “For starters, don’t let me drink alone,” she said. “Drink up.”


            Luke stared across the table at his wife, and he realized that his love for her would drive him to madness.  He changed his life for her, and she wouldn’t even have sex with him! “Make sure you get a room with two beds,” she’d said. “My back can’t handle sleeping with you and a cheap mattress.”


              Before he met her, he was a good father and a decent man. He spent time with his kids, called his mother every day, and hung out with his friends. Now, all he had was her, a cold-blooded bitch!


            “Laura, my love, I’d deny you nothing, as long as you don’t deny me you.”


            “Is that all I am to you Luke? A piece of ass?”


            “Of course not. I am still here, and it’s been months, and we are supposed to be reconciling,” he said reaching under the table and stroking her leg.


            “Fine,” she said, “but go take a shower, you are sweaty and gross.”


            “Baby please,” he said leaning in for a kiss. “I want you. Don’t you love me?”


            “Finish your drink and take a hot shower,” she said with a coquettish grin. “ I want to put on something nice for you.”


            “I will be right back,” he said draining his cup. “Get ready for me.”


            As she heard the shower start to run Laura let out a giddy giggle and grabbed her phone scrolling through pictures of a Lemon-Yellow Corvette.  She kissed the photo exclaiming. “You’re mine!”  She wouldn’t feel guilty;  he kept her in mediocrity while his “family” lived in luxury. She wouldn’t have to share after today. She’d lull him to sleep and herself to freedom.


            “I’m ready!” Luke slurred, already feeling the effects of the drink.


             “Good,” she said handing him another drink. “I was about to put on some music.”


            She opened up a play-list on her phone, and soon the soft sounds of  R & B were filling the room. He chugged the contents of the glass and smashed it on the floor. He reached for her but stumbled as she skipped away stepping over the glass.


            “Let me get you another drink,” she said helping him onto the bed as he stroked his semi-erect penis.


            “Come here you little bitch. I wanna fuck” he slurred.


            “I’m a bitch? Laura asked softly. “You wanna fuck the little bitch?”  she asked.


            Laura pulled off her panties and straddled her husband as he laid on the bed. He was teetering between sleep and consciousness as she massaged him to erectness and  placed him inside her. She moaned with pleasure as she leaned down to whisper her confession in his ear.


            “I spiked the Bacardi with your sleeping pills Luke; you’re going to die baby,” she said kissing him  deeply and grinding up against him.


            He clasped the back of her head pulling her deeper into the kiss as his hands slipped around her neck and he thrust his thumbs into her esophagus until she went limp on top of him.  He pushed her off  him and as she rolled to the floor his eyes rolled back into his head as he began frothing at the mouth.

About the auhtor

Carmen Baez is a woman with a story to tell. She is a life-time learner, with old-fashion values and a new age intellect. While writing is not her first career it has been her life long passion. Search for her titillating shorts on CafeLit. Coming soon, see my memoirs! 





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