Thursday 20 May 2021

One Inch of Lace

 by Amrita Valan

hot chocolate

Slouching on the floor rug in the darkened room, he gawked at my legs. I was slow dancing with a friend. 

 After the dance I settled down on the floor. He throatily whispered, "You dance well." While my buddy got us drinks he asked my number.

 Over the phone we clicked, instantaneously; he wooed me with wit and chivalry. 

"So you liked my legs or my dancing?" I quipped.

 "An inch of frothy white lace peeping from under your saffron dress," he delivered deadpan.

 Long pause.

Burning cheeks transmitted heat through the receiver. 

"Loved it and you," he sotto voiced.

About the author  

Amrita Valan is a writer from India and is passionate about exploring life, both dark and sunny side up. If she didn't write she would have wanted to be sent on secret missions involving travel. She had been published in Spillwords, ImpSpire and Cafe Dissensus among other zines.

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