Friday 19 February 2021

Making a Perfect Hash of Things


by Wendy Pike

a cup of hot tea


I love you, despite you making me eat Corned Beef Hash, your signature dish.  That dreaded midweek staple you knew I hated.  And bitter-tasting Brussels sprouts which my mature tastebuds have since grown to appreciate.  Regardless of your insistence my hair must be cut sensibly short, giving me a boy-like appearance instead of the long, feminine locks I longed for, I love you.


Aside from these few nitpicking disagreements, theres nothing about my childhood Id wish to change.  I am blessed.  As I grew into adulthood, unwaveringly, you remained my living guardian angel, biggest fan and friend.  The best listener on the planet.  I really could tell you anything.


Its been seven years since you physically left this world.  I now have to make do with the infrequent chances we get to chat - in my dreams.  In waking hours I realise therell be no restorative, reassuring hug.  I wont hear you say, love you lots, as you always did when we parted.  But I still feel the force of your nurturing, encouraging, encompassing love, enveloping me like a protective force field.  Its depth, warmth and power, along with your imparted wisdom, continue to help me through lifes minefields, deflecting much of the bad stuff whenever it heads my way.


Whilst I miss you every day, Im simultaneously reminded of the most valuable and generous gifts anyone can give and receive.  Time and love.  And of how lucky I was to have you.  Hero and role model, advising, supporting, influencing and inspiring me.  I miss us just hanging out together, when we had nothing in particular to do. 


I keep talking to you without any expectation of response.  If Im alone, these one-sided conversations are held aloud.  So, notwithstanding the Corned Beef Hash, soggy sprouts and dreadful boys hairdo, which I complained about endlessly at the time, you must know by now Mum, you did a fabulous job and with all my heart I love you lots.

About the author  

Wendy writes newsletters and press releases in her day job. In her spare time she enjoys reading and writing creative non fiction. A few of her life writing tales have previously been published by CafeLit where she also has an author page: see it here.


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