Wednesday 21 October 2020

A New Recipe


by Kiyasu Oka

Matcha Latte with Honey

As the window opened, she brewed her favorite cup of thoughts. 

“Good morning,” the blue sky greeted the lass. 

The cup filled with the warmth of the sun, as she smiled and said, “Today, I will add a new ingredient.”

“What is it?” said the sky.

“My heart’s warmth for a new day.”

KIYASU OKA is a Taiwanese professional illustrator and entrepreneur, whose title can be referred to as a professional color magician. She is the “Magician of Color” from Taiwan. Her most well-known writing work is a personal love letter called “Taiwan is my Country,” published on her Web site since April of 2016. Kiyasu Oka’s Web site is at

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