Monday 2 March 2020

Taking Time Out from the Day Job

by Allison Symes 


The fairy checked and rechecked there was nobody about.  As all was clear, as she’d already checked three times, she took out her wand.  Its light lit up the street.  Still nothing and nobody in sight.  Good.  She’d been itching to do this for ages but somehow, something or someone (sometimes both) had got in the way.

Reaching her target, she gazed inside its window.  There in a display case, the objects of her desire were just waiting for her to reach out and take them.  She checked around again and then aimed her wand at the glass.  A hole big enough to for her to reach through appeared.  She did reach through and grabbed as many of the objects as she could.  The moment she’d finished, the hole healed up and she vanished.  It was best not to hang around.

Up in a tree a mile away, the fairy surveyed her haul and picked up the one she most liked the look of.  For the next few minutes, all that could be heard in that tree was the sound of the fairy munching away on the biggest bar of Dairy Milk available.

The fairy knew she should be ashamed.

She wasn’t.

And that was despite the fact she was the Tooth Fairy.

About the author

Allison Symes, who adores reading and writing tales with a twist, is published by Chapeltown Books, Cafelit, and Bridge House Publishing.  She is a member of the Society of Authors and Association of Christian Writers.  Her website, including her blog round-up spot, can be found at https:\\ and she blogs for Chandler’s Ford Today -

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