Sunday 8 March 2020

Chelsea’s Seeds

by Kiyasu Oka

Matcha latte with honey

Chelsea planted a seed. She wanted to grow flowers, cacti, and blueberries. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, lost all her friends, and have a bad reputation. She has basically no human friends.
Fights, conflicts, and being hated.
Alone. Lonely. Ostracized.
So she planted some seeds.
Gardening became her hobby.
The Earth has so many seeds that can be planted,” she thought.
This will keep me company.”
Flowers, cacti, and blueberries grew.
One of the seeds blossomed… a different flower.
A rose…
For her heart.
She was surprised.
The rose was so beautiful and stunning, as she gazed into it.
She went to bed that night thinking, “That was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in some time.”
She had a dream that night. A dream where she met the inner workings of her heart drawing a picture that read:
Please cherish yourself, and love yourself. Love yourself. Love life… again. Please.
Then her inner heart gave her a hug, and the dream-world her started to cry.
That dream reached her heart, and tears emerged as she slept.
The next day she woke up and decided: “Today is the day I fall in love with myself.”
I can survive,” she said as she finds a mystery note near her rose that read:
The best is yet to come. It will all pass, and you can survive.
And so she did survive.
Ever since that fateful day, that fateful dream, from her own heart.
Thanks to the rose inside her heart, that she never knew existed.
And the love letter from her rose that taught her how to love herself.
Ever since the day she decided to love and cherish herself, on her own.
And ever since she fell in love.

About the author 

KIYASU OKA is a Taiwanese professional illustrator and entrepreneur, whose title can be referred to as a professional color magician. She is the “Magician of Color from Taiwan. Her most well-known writing work is a personal love letter called “Taiwan is my Country,” published on her Web site since April of 2016. Kiyasu Okas Web site is at
Kiyasu OKA

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