Friday 11 January 2019


by Roger Noons

a mug of strong coffee.

Andrew and I spend so much time together that people assume we are, or at one time must have been, lovers. Sadly it is not the case. When we first started the business, we were hardly ever apart. We travelled around taking photographs as well as setting up the agency. Money was short and we would camp out or share insalubrious rooms, in order to spend what money we had on materials and travel. As soon as we could afford it, he ran the office while I maintained contact with the photographers we represented.
    When we had a thriving set up regarding cameramen as well as clients I too spent much of my time in the office, in fact ten years after starting from scratch, we moved to our present home which is above a Massage Parlour off Greek Street. Photographers and clients seem to enjoy visiting us.
    Once we were established I wondered if Andy might be gay as our relationship was more like brother and sister. There were occasions when he would touch my hand, give me a hug or put an arm around my waist. I still remember that afternoon, twelve years and three months ago when he patted my bum. Amazed, I stared at him. He blushed and was full of apology. I consoled him, told him it was okay, but he was never so intimate again.
    Nowadays of course, he never comes within feet of me. His expressions of sadness make me want to encourage him, but I know he would be hurt and having gone on so long, I would feel guilty. Our consolation is that the business has survived, indeed flourished. We have decided that next year we will sell the Agency and retire. I wonder what might happen then? It’s a leap year so I could propose to him, but I guess we’d end up like an old married couple, more affectionate siblings than lovers.

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