Sunday 13 November 2016


By Roger Noons 
a mug of Camp coffee, from the bottle.

The house was of the kind that knocking on the front door would prove to be a waste of time, so I walked along the narrow passageway alongside the gable end, arriving on the back yard just as a woman emerged from a wash house, with her arms full of bed linen.
    ‘Mrs. Cooper?’
    She looked me up and down. ‘I don’t do freebies for coppers.’
    ‘I’m not a policeman.’
    ‘What then?’
    ‘Public Health Inspector.’
    ‘Can you get me a council house?’
    ‘Any particular estate?’
    ‘It’s nice on the Poet’s.’
    ‘How does Longfellow Road sound?’
    ‘Three bedrooms?’
    I nodded.
    ‘Come on then.’ She opened the door into the rear living room. ‘Wipe your feet,’ she added over her shoulder, ‘And no rough stuff.’

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