Monday 21 November 2016


Gill James

a glass of red wine 

She stuck the fat hardback under her arm and picked up the free newspaper. She’d only bought the book three days before as an airport special and it would be callous to have read it before it officially came out at home. Plus she didn’t want to finish it. It was too good. She didn’t want to lose its interesting characters and its colourful setting.  
The flight was to be twenty minutes late, they said.
The man sitting opposite looked harassed. He was writing in a notebook.
Must be a writer as well, she thought. Should she approach him? Initiate a chat? Swap notes?
Mmm. Maybe not. He glowered at her as she attempted a smile. And he was very twitchy.
Oh come on. The plane was only twenty minutes late. Maybe he was a nervous flyer?
Soon she was engrossed in an article about the new economy and was surprised when they were asked to board the plane.
Settled in her seat and now a little nervous herself about take-off she decided to turn back to her book. She’d used the rear flap to mark her place. She opened the book, then oh my god, she recognised the face in the author biography. The man with the note-book.
She wondered whether she might find him after take-off and ask for his autograph.   

About the author 

Gill James writes for adults, children and young adults. She has recently retired as a senior lecturer at the University of Salford. She edits for brige House, the Red Telephone and CafeLit. Follow her blog:

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