Tuesday 22 November 2016

Treasure Hunt

Alyson Faye

Dark Mozart

Our little gang of scavengers always take a vote before we head out. We're democratic that way. 
That January day, the waste ground behind the newly built skyscraper won. It was Billy who found the doll, lying in the frosty tipped grass. Weak sunshine gleamed on her glassy eyes. 
Shoving it at me, Billy rubbed his hands on his denims, 'Yuk, it's slimy. Here Jem. You have it.' 
None of us had toys, so this was real treasure. Grabbing the doll’s tiny hand, I instantly recognized it. From the many ‘Missing’ posters pinned up. The lost girl was cuddling it.

About the author

Alyson writes mainly flash fiction and short stories. Her work has appeared on Tubeflash online,on the premises,Three Drops journal; Raging Aardvark's new anthology 'Twisted Tales' and Alfie Dog. Some of her stories are available as podcasts.

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