Wednesday 30 April 2014

100 Worder Carousel

100 Worder

Jo Fino


Cotton Candy Carousel – 2 oz Cotton Candy Vodka, 1 oz Coco Jack Rum, 3 oz club soda, splash grenadine. Mix in glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cherry.

‘Day I was born, Ma said I went round in circles, trying to find my way out!’ Casey threw back her head, squealing as the carousel picked up speed.
              He longed to wind her sleek black hair in his fingers and kiss her slowly, lips lingering.
             ‘What you thinkin’ bout Bobby? You ain’t with me.’
              How wrong she was.
              The ride over, she slipped off the painted horse giggling.
             ‘Let’s go to the jambalaya stand,’ she shouted over the music ‘I’m starving.’
             She pranced through the fairground stalls, Bobby trailing faithfully behind. One of them a lamb to the slaughter.

About the Author
Jo Fino calls herself a dreamer, an optimist and a worrier. She started writing again to deal with stress and gradually rediscovered her passion. She is working on short stories and a couple of novel ideas, dabbles with poetry and has a blog:

Since CafeLit published Jo’s first short story here, her story A Tale of A Smuggler and His Girl was shortlisted by Honno in their call for ghost stories and her short story Cruel Summer won the Writer's Forum monthly competition and was published in issue 146.

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  1. Can you actually buy cotton candy vodka? We make chilli vodka at home, so I suppose anything is possible. Neat story.