Monday 7 April 2014

100 Worder Daddy's Girl?

100 Worder

Kate Stuart

Daddy's Girl?

Cold Espresso

John was quite sure that he would never like her.
She smelled funny. Flowery and powdery all at once. It tickled his nose. And her dresses were too tight – lumps and bumps bursting everywhere. When she laughed it was too loud, like she was trying to attract everyone’s attention. Like she was trying too hard. She’d cling on to Daddy’s arm like her laugh was going to make her fall and he’d need to save her. Her red nails would make horrible scratchy sounds as she gripped his shirt.
The worst thing? She wasn’t Mum.
Why couldn’t Mummy come back?

About the Author

Kate Stuart is a student at Bangor University studying Creative and Professional Writing. She has experimented with many forms of writing but enjoys microfiction or scriptwriting best. Some examples of her microfiction can be found on her twitter account –

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  1. Brilliant! Short and sweet says it all from a child's point of view.. Well done